18 April, 2010

this always happens

one of the things that you can rely on is the fact that i will change my mind, particularly after making loud & obnoxious statements to the contrary.

it's usually a good rule of thumb to remember that if i say that i hate something that i will definitely be wearing it within the next 3-4 months.

here's a photographic version of this game...

i have been really hating these shoes by miu miu:


i think they really look like a frankenstein shape in a way that i just can't generally get into. plus, they kind of remind me of the "oops i did it again" britney spears video.

not my thing...

and then, today i had this come crashing down to burst my aesthetic-high-horse bubble:

(photo grabbed from vanillascented, who doesn't credit it's provenance)

who styled this????
(i checked- it's not philippe matignon, he makes the tights.)

you are my hero!
(but i'm still not going to buy the shoes....

i don't think.)

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