19 March, 2013

much better/follow up

ok, with all the discussion around wedge sneakers, and my dislike of them, a week or so ago, i found myself revisiting my love for pierre hardy sneakers, which i consider the best alternative to the isabel marant wedgies.

and so i bought some.

and i'm feeling much better:

see how my feet & body all look nice and normally proportioned!? 

i feel much more like i have feet, and less like i have hooves.

fancy french sneakers.

no icky, weird feelings. hooray!


  1. You hate the wedgie sneakers for the proportions and you don't even have my small, wide-ish, ridiculously high arched feet. I swear that trend was created with the express purpose of making anything other than lanky tall models' feet disappear into utter ridiculousness.

    1. maria! i actually do have kind of tiny feet for my height (american 8.5/euro 39 at 5'9" tall), which i think is exactly why the craziness factor is so much higher on me, with the wedges. i generally look for shoes that make my feet look longer. which i realize is the opposite of what a lot of girls are probably after.
      the pierre hardy sneaks are actually a size 40, and a tad too long, which is maybe why i like their proportions extra much!

  2. these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!