12 February, 2013

good song, good collection

omg, you guys. 

i just ran across the photos of this collection nike is doing, in order to celebrate black history month.

i'll admit that i'm a sucker for shoes, photographed in good lighting, under almost any circumstances.

but i think you'll agree that these kicks are pretty sweet....

most of the collection are "performance" footwear, and nike partnered with some (famous) professional athletes to develop the styles....

and of course, they included a wedge high top sneaker, because, well, it's 2013. i couldn't, in good conscience, include the photos here. (here's why.)

i'll bet it's really fun for athletes to get to work with nike on a project like this..... i hope they really enjoy the process, and maybe learn a little bit about shoes.

probably not, but i do like the idea of serena williams poring over materials swatches, and picking aglets, etc....

either way, i wish i could get my hands on a pair. i'm sure my twice-weekly (if i'm lucky) 1.5 mile jog would feel way cooler, in a pair of these sneaks.....

the "mantra" of the collection is

be bold, be true

maybe i'll try that during my next run? i'll bet i could go as far as 1.7 or 1.8 miles!


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