19 January, 2013

back from the dead - i wasn't chillin at the beach, down at club med

so, i've lost the plot, slightly, on this here blog.

things have changed significantly in my life since i've had a regular schedule, and the time to plan out 3-4 blogs per week.

however, it looks like, somehow, folks are still reading. without my having typed up one darned thing in over two months, my stats here show that some folks, somewhere out there, are actually reading some of this stuff i've written.

that, combined with a tiny word of encouragement for a heavy-hitting local cultural phenom/celebrity and the follow up (much more verbose) encouragement from terrific friends....

... and the fact that, well.... i actually really miss having a forum to explore things that are cool, interesting and frankly kind of annoying in both words & images...

has convinced me to revive this blog.

there's been a lot that's happened since i moved to los angeles over a year ago. pretty soon, i'll catch you up on all the excitement, both good & seemingly-not-so-good.

in the meantime, here are some out takes from my 2012 instagram feed:

oh, that's a lot!
(and i just realized that a lot of them might make you doubt the title of this blogpost!)

hope your 2012 was equally visually stimulating, delicious, enjoyable, but maybe a little less injury-ridden....

talk soon,



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