16 October, 2012

that's tight!

i recently spent a week in nyc, and completely basked in the seasonally appropriate weather....

while folks in l.a. were sweltering in 90 f degree temperatures, i couldn't have been more pleased to be getting slightly wet in the rain, slightly cold in the wind, and generally just enjoying autumn and...


of course, i had to reacquaint myself with such clothing as cardigan sweaters, jackets, boots, socks and scarves.... all of which i thoroughly enjoyed.

one category of apparel that i'd totally forgotten about, however, is tights.

though lots of girls in l.a. wear tights through out the winter, i know for a fact that the collection i brought, when i moved out west a year ago, hasn't seen the light of day, since i deposited all my pair into a drawer in december.

but a visit to kaight in brooklyn rekindled my love of legwear......

and i was so happy to discover hose.

these cuties are all hand printed in britain.....

and although my luggage wasn't big enough to bring a pair back from nyc (seriously! there wasn't even room for a pair of tights in my carry on. i never check my luggage).....

i did just order a pair of these guys:

hopefully it will get cool enough in l.a. to wear them, by the time they arrive from london!

1 comment:

  1. i love them! i've searched all over online for fun tights in pregnant size but they don't seem to exist. isn't that strange? new biz idea.