12 March, 2012

search me....

here's a fashion collaboration of a new kind.

in the 1930's & 40's andré studios provided fashion sketches to scores of new york garment businesses.

somehow, in the course of more recent history, the archives of this long-gone studio had been split between the museum at f.i.t. and the new york public library.

thanks to the power of the internets, the images have all been scanned and reunited online.... and are available to anyone with an internet browser.

one of the most exciting things about this collaboration is that the website itself is fully searchable. just interested in dolman sleeves? pencil skirts? great coats? just type it in.

the sketches themselves are whimsical and romantic. to me, they really recall a different time in the fashion industry- one where the designers were men, the trends and tastes changed much more slowly, and each garment was made with care and quality....

not to mention the fact that most would be made in the united states!

you can check out some of the results of my search for "military" inspired looks, below:

the last one is definitely a favorite of mine.... i can totally see this coat in a current marc by marc jacobs or mulberry collection. the pocket details and extended shoulders are terrific.

you can read more about the project, and check it out here!

for a totally different take on the intersection between fashion and technology, if you're into that sort of discussion, check out garance doré's video on the subject, too....

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