21 February, 2012

it's the styling, stupid

lots has been said over the past week, since marc jacobs showed the collection for his main line at new york fashion week.

as is usually the case, most people were shouting from the rooftops how much they loved it. but a number were not so sure.

i thought that alexandra suhner isenberg made a good point in her blog, searching for style- that there were many nice pieces on that runway, but that the horrible hats & shoes (my god, particularly the shoes!), as well as other accessories like scarves & shawls totally obfuscated anything interesting, or exciting....

i had a similar feeling myself, and was looking forward to seeing the individual pieces in editorial coverage, and then in stores, to see what i really thought.

fortunately, i didn't have to wait too long. below are the runway shots (via style.com), paired with shots of just the clothing itself (via moda operandi), without all that awful styling:

look! this is actually a totally cute jacket and skirt combo, not a bulky, ugly dress to be worn with oliver-twist style fingerless gloves!

obviously, the blouse underneath is imminently wearable. i want.

the leather and printed lamé combo looks pretty interesting too. i'd love to see this off-the shoulder dress on its own, showing off the collar bones & arms.

ok, i had a funny feeling that i was going to be pretty excited about this dress, even when i saw it on the runway, with the dr seuss hat & pirate of penzance shoes....

turns out that i was right- a floral, sculptural dress done in magenta holographic sequins is just too great to totally obscure.

but, man oh man.... those shoes! they are just too awful. i thought about cropping them from all of these photos, but thought you should see them, as the designer intended.

do you really think that we'll see girls wearing these, come october & november? i really hope that someone proves me wrong, and wears them in a way that is totally awesome.

i'm not holding my breath.


i've been thinking & wondering about what marc jacobs might have been trying to achieve through this ridiculous styling.....

and i think i may have hit on something - maybe it's a little bit of secrecy? 

 i'm wondering if he's thinking about tom ford's no-photos-allowed shows, and feeling a bit jealous? it is such a brilliant idea- actually keeping the collections a secret from the public until the pieces are actually available for sale... maybe jacobs has presented his own version of this approach.

it's a self-imposed bit of confidentiality- intentionally obscuring the collection from the hoi polloi, while knowing the the important buyers will be able to see each piece, up close and personal, when they have their buying meetings.....

yet, still playing the game of putting on a runway show, and taking advantage of all of the pr, and the buzz and the chatter of a super strangely presented show....

considering this possibility makes me think much, much more about the show..... mr jacobs certainly has a pretty clever brain for pr stunts and tongue in cheek ideas....

and whether or not this was his actual intention, i love that i'm thinking and talking about it more & more....

certainly, that was not an accident on the part of monsieur jacobs!

what do you think about the show, and his intentions??

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