10 February, 2012

fit issues

just wanted to give you a little update on the jason wu for target things that arrived today.

there have been reports of some quality issues, but i'm not sure what people are expecting in a blouse that sells for $35. i guess it's reasonable to expect it not to tear, but....

the stuff that i bought looks pretty good. the pointelle sweater is a standout, quality-wise, but the styling isn't SO amazing. the colors are good, tho.

the most questionable are the collared blouses. i ordered the red & gold, but i'm not sure i'll be keeping either one.... they just sit so flat across the chest that all of the little inconsistencies of the pleating and trims just stands out too much.

the dresses look much better- the two i got use pretty much the same pattern as the blouse, but the fact that they're printed, and gathered at the waist mean that the little flaws are not so glaring....

the photos were taken before i ironed. the dress looks much less crinkly now!