27 December, 2011

who's YOUR daddy?

after a lovely christmas weekend, my family and i were ready for a little retail therapy yesterday....

my mom is a total remodelista junkie, and she'd read about big daddy's in culver city, so off we went...

and discovered a wonderland full of quirky, industrial, steam punk, classic americana, eastern influenced and impressively oversized antique things....

there's my mom!

i could literally sleep in this louis vuitton trunk.

my husband, trying to pick the combination lock of an old safe...

those who know me well know that i am not a fan of domestic birds. but, i have to say that big daddy's HUGE warehouse space, and the fact that this cage is about as large as my old kitchen in nyc means that i am a little more amenable than usual...

and what other store do you know that has birds!?

yes, those are, indeed an incredible vintage hermes bag and train case. gorgeous.

i had a really hard not taking home this amazing chest of drawers. 

however, the huge space that big daddy's inhabits, combined with the fact that they literally have articles of furniture that seem more suited to giants meant that i was woefully over estimating the size of my entryway...

i'm glad my mom convinced me that this piece would never fit. (she was right!)

if you're in the los angeles area, definitely check out big daddy's..... it's a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

(oh, that's me!)


  1. wow, this store is awesome!!! and so is your hair!

  2. aw, thanks! it's my first la haircut (and color). i think it turned out pretty well!