03 November, 2011

wishful shopping

as you know, i'm moving.

the inevitable is happening in just over a week.....

in addition to the fact that this means i will be leaving the city, and many friends and family that i love.....

it also means that i am sorting through all of my things, and getting rid of anything that isn't guaranteed to be useful in los angeles.

and that also means that i can't buy anything new.

but it's fall, and that's my favorite time to shop.

here's a little group of some of the things i wish i could acquire in the next few weeks:

fall shopping

and here's the one thing that i actually can & will acquire:


life is weird.


  1. i think you can definitely acquire the comme zip pouch. it's little and can be useful immediately. LOVE that black dress!

  2. it would look good on you! you can buy it ;)