03 October, 2011

style in the suburbs

so, i was only supposed to be here in the boston burbs for about two weeks.

but, the design process is taking a little longer than expected, and i'm back here for the next few days. i got a much smaller car, which feels a lot more comfy... and i got a two bedroom suite, which is ridiculous.

one thing that i've learned here in the suburbs is the propensity to shop online. i never really thought about the fact that in most american towns, the boutiques are closed by the time work is over. so..... no shopping after work.

this offends my new york sensibilities.

so, i've joined the club, and started shopping online. here are a couple of the things i'm looking forward to unpacking, once i get home on wednesday:

(skirt only. from my favorite online vintage store. nope, not telling.)

(vivienne westwood skyscraper seditionary boots from zappos. an amazing deal. definitely sharing.)

i didn't plan it, but i guess i have been inspired by the marc jacobs and louis vuitton fall shows.

so sue me. i'm in a fashion wasteland, here!

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