21 October, 2011

eucalyptus, walnut, oak, jasmin

yesterday, i told you about my fated visit to iko iko, in los angeles.

in addition to meeting kristin, i also had the pleasure of chatting with jasmin shokrian, another designer who happened to be in the store on that same day.

both of these ladies were so helpful to me, and really gave me a great overview on what is going on the world of fashion in l.a. 

jasmin had just returned to her southern california roots, after a number of years in chicago. she was setting up home and shop in her new town, just as i met her.

her spring 12 collection leads me to think that the move has been good....


i love the cool-girl look of her clothing. it's all totally wearable, but just interesting and cool enough to make each piece feel special....

i hope i get the chance to run into jasmin again!

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