25 October, 2011

baubles bangles and.... eh.

do you guys like the jewelry line dannijo?

they've gotten a ton of attention recently, not least of which is because of their friendship and association with the man repeller (whose blog i love).

but i'm just not sure about them.

to me, it kind of looks like a couple of kids got access to some great hardware and stones, and started putting them together like puzzle pieces. the sum being worth less than the parts:

they're not bad looking, but they just look a bit slapped-together, rather than really considerately designed.

do you agree? or am i way off the mark here?

when i went to check out their site, i did find a couple of things that i liked. most notably, these clean, basic, minimal rings:

perhaps this just reflects my interest in more streamlined lines these days, and more architectural accessories?

but i don't know..... i just think maybe these two were happy accidents.



  1. YES! Their stuff is so slapdash. Anyone can go to midtown to buy some hardware and a pair of needle nosed pliers. I am NOT a fan.

  2. I hadn't considered that they look slapped together, but you're totally right.

    Still, I love the industrial-cum-girly vibe of a lot of their pieces.