07 September, 2011

doug fir

i just got back from an almost two week long vacation in the pacific northwest of north america.

we had such a fun trip, saw good friends and met new ones!

our first stop was portland, oregon, which is one of my favorite cities. portland does great things with the design and use of the different retail stores, restaurants and public spaces, so i thought i'd share some photos....

(especially since the shop and restaurant owners don't seem to mind if you take pictures, like they do in nyc!)

the photos below are all of a place called doug fir / jupiter hotel. originally it was a cheap hotel, but has been re-worked to include hotel rooms, a full restaurant, a great music venue and a sprawling bar, lounge and patio space. i could literally hang out here all day!

this building is especially suited to one-stop-shopping in the evening, as you can see....

stay tuned for another amazing interior space in tomorrow's post!


  1. oh, wow! I want to go there!

  2. it's SO nice.... very la, but without the crowds!