15 June, 2011

laaaaaay-la! you got me on my knees.....

i'm probably not the first blogger to use the above as a blog title on the subject about which i am going to explore...

but the huge guitar-rock hit song is such a non-sequitur when discussing the terrific, sweet, quiet brooklyn boutique to which i'm referring.... i just can't resist the joke.

i'd also like to apologize that i've neglected this here blog recently. one of my best friends was staying with me here in nyc, and i was so busy visiting with her, and delighting with a girlie staycation, that i just couldn't get my thoughts organized to write anything.

however (lucky for y'all), what i've mostly been doing is shopping. so, expect some retail-themed posts, herewith.

and now, without further ado... i would like to introduce you to.... 

this tiny little shop is just stuffed to the gills with beautifully made home and accessories goods from india.

they carry a number of different lines, including the one which has outfitted my own personal bed, les indiennes. literally, every single thing in the entire store makes the "rich hippie" in me want to run rampant.

(which, i believe, is one of the things that rich hippies do particularly well.)

too bad i'm not really very hippie-ish, and i'm certainly not rich.

in addition to the lines they carry, layla also makes a small line of apparel. it's very beautiful. (lucky for me, i've found a couple of pieces from the line at a local second-hand store. i promise i'll buy something fabulous directly from the store soon.)

i was so surprised to see that the (now incredibly in-demand) model, arizona muse was the model for their fall 2010 line. kudos to layla for recognizing her, before everyone got on the arizona bandwagon.

does an "arizona bandwagon" sound weird?

maybe it's the name of the next historically important guitar-rock hit.

is eric clapton still recording music??

(all photos courtesy of layla)

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