27 May, 2011

team effort

way back in may, i had the opportunity to visit the launch party for the "designers emerge" pop up store. my friend, denise gertmenian started this event in order to give emerging designers a chance to highlight their collections, and interact directly with customers.

the launch party was a great way to kick this off- there was great music by dj cluandine de sola, plenty of bubbly to keep the conversation silly, and on-site tailoring, done by mack moze.

denise was nice enough to invite me to drop by early, and spend some time with the designers, before the crowds arrived.... it was fun to help them set up the space, and merchendise their racks a bit.

of course, as is the case at any presentation, there was a lot of last minute prep to be done.

unfortunately, the combination of the dramatic lighting and my little old camera did not yield a whole lot of great photos. my intention had been to shoot tons of images of the stylish folks who attended the event, but..... my camera just couldn't keep up.

also, guest of a guest did a much better job!
(there might even be a photo of yours truly in there...)

but i did manage a few snaps that will give you a sense of the scene:

ooooh, tricky, tricky. this one was shot from the courtyard looking into the shop space!

a quick look at the awesome t-shirts designed by the duo who make up shawdra lovechi. check out the "cut it out" skull t shirt on their site. i want.

 denise does a final review of her rae collection, while fans wait for the chance to buy!

really really pretty and super duper soooooft scarves by san and soni.

i loved everything about the h. fredriksson line, including the design of the lookbook.

fun and shiny baubles by dlc brooklyn.

the dramatic lighting sort of helps this photo, but the blurriness doesn't. it's an action shot, people!

this photo doesn't do their work justice, but i really loved the t-shirt heavy line, bhon designed by sisters christine (shown here) and patty yoon. the collection was inspired by a trip to one of the creepiest museums in my home town!

tara st james, the designer of study ny, wearing my absolute favorite look of the night.

i'm calling this one shady lady- only in an ode to my crappy camera skills. triple threat designer, entrepreneur and event organizer denise gertmenian delivers pretty dresses with her rae collection, as well as a fun and successful events like "designers emerge". the nyc fashion crowd is lucky to have her!

cute couple, and the evening's hands down winner of the "photographer's favorite subjects " award. i didn't get their names. anyone know who they are?**

another cute couple- susan domelsmith of dlc brooklyn aaaaand, a mystery man.

the event went off with out a hitch, and really was a great way to spend an evening. i'm hoping that next time around, i'll have a better camera, and will be able to deliver much more stunning images...

in the meantime, check out my article for slow fashioned, to get a bit more info on some of the designers! and next year, stop by the pop up!

** answer is supplied below, in the comments!


  1. Anonymous28 May, 2011

    Second picture from the bottom is Laura (San & Soni intern) and her friend Chris.
    They look super stylist.
    BTW:Laura is in san & soni (head to toe)- shoes.