02 May, 2011

slow it down, now.

i'm excited to announce that i have a new writing gig!

in addition to writing this blog, i will now be a regular contributor to slowfashioned.com. it's an online magazine that is dedicated to the slow fashion movement.

haven't heard of slow fashion? it takes it's name and inspiration from the slow food movement. the idea being that we approach our fashion choices in much the same way that we consider our food and nutrition choices. that we take the time to create and buy what is really valuable and beautiful, rather than what is cheap, new or trendy.

i am really excited to be a part of the slowfashioned team, and i'll be focusing my articles on events and happenings in nyc, as well as on shoes and accessories.

i'm in the middle of preparing a couple of different pieces, so it'll be a week or so before any of the content on the site is written by me, but check it out in the meantime...

and let me know what kinds of articles you'd be interested in reading! i will be happy to take requests!

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