13 April, 2011

a little january in your april

"january is here, with eyes that keenly glow,

a frost-mailed warrior

striding a shadowy steed of snow"

-edgar fawcett

(all photos shot by craig mcdean- courtesy of w magazine)

i really loved this shoot, styled by lori goldstein, in this month's w magazine.

loved, loved, loved. the edgy, angular clothing really plays so nicely against the hair and makeup. it's such an architectural, sculptural story that shows january jones off so beautifully!

however, next time someone does a shoot with her, i would so love to see her styled in looks that are much more colorful, more fun than the slicked back hair and helmut-lang-80's-redux that stylists so frequently seem to want to put her in.

i get that it's nice to see her in something that is such an antithesis to the character of betty, which she plays on mad men. but, wouldn't it be just as shocking to see her in some of the really exciting bright stripes, prints & textures from many of this spring's collections?

(much like the other spread that goldstein styled for may w, which is even more amazing than the one i've shown above. unfortunately, i couldn't find one image of it online.)

it makes me wonder whether january, herself is not willing to depart from this tough girl, steely-sexy thing? it suits, it definitely suits, but... i think the girl has got more in her.

what do you think?

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  1. Totally agree with you re: the styling of January Jones. It'd be interesting to see her in something not obviously antithetical.