05 April, 2011

friendship? yes please.

the above quote is apparently from charles dickens. i must have skipped reading that novel, but i surely stand by the sentiment.

remember when showing a token of your friendship involved tying a mess of embroidery floss into a whole hell of a lot of knots, while watching after school tv specials?

well, given all the fuss that is being made about brightly colored bracelets worn in a tangle, i've been remembering those days fondly.

and while doing some research into another project, i ran across this website of friendship bracelet brilliance. and wanted to share:

if you are craftier than i am, you should go check out the site, as apparently it also has stitch patterns for each design. that's a bit too ambitious for me, but i am blown away by the things this woman has been able to do!

anyone want to make me one? ;)


  1. Oh man, those bring back so many memories. I used to know how to make all kinds of designs!

  2. this is so great...i went to the craft store back in november and bought a bunch of embroidery floss with the intention of making 'friendship' bracelets! back in the days of summer camp, i used to be able to do all sorts of patterns. i have yet to make any, but if i do, i'll send you one!

  3. ooo... love that website!
    i'll put ophelia on it. that shit's her jam.