19 March, 2011

to the movies

we just arrived in cloudy and cool los angeles. it's nice here, anyhow, somehow....

but last night, before we left nyc, we went to see the totally fun, totally excellent bill cunningham film. if you have a chance to see it, i highly recommend it. it's a really heartwarming celebration of him, his life and work, and fashion itself. 

it's been ages since i've seen such a crowd waiting outside a cinema in nyc. i wanted to document it (having been inspired by the film i'd just seen), but unfortunately only had my iphone with me. my apologies for the quality of the photos. 

i've never left a cinema, and had my outfit checked out by so many of the folks waiting to get in. the crowd was definitely quite fashionable, and discerning ;)

the night was also one of the warmest we've had in nyc this spring, so the feeling was definitely a bit celebratory. 

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