13 March, 2011

nutty nails

i haven't had someone give me a manicure or pedicure for over 6 weeks.

that's a long time in nyc. 

i'm not sure why, but girls in nyc get their nails done a lot. i thought that this was a global trend, up until a couple of years ago, when i started traveling more regularly to other parts of the (first) world. turns out, it's not.

i don't want you to get the impression that my nails have not been well maintained. no no. it's just that i've been taking care of business on my own.

but we're heading to l.a. for a week, next saturday, and i think it's a good occasion to get back into the swing of things, nail-wise.

so.... i'm thinking of really doing it up. and getting like, a crazy manicure.

here are two images that i've been inspired by:

(photo courtesy of into the gloss)

i really really like this. but, does it count as a crazy manicure? how crazy do i really want to go?

(photo courtesy of the holy nail)

i really don't think that i could do the rainbow effect shown here, but i like the idea.

this is one of those situations where the overwhelming possibilities are kind of well...

overwhelming me.

have you had a crazy manicure? any suggestions? i absolutely cannot have anything that adds any dimension to my fingernails. can't do it.

but all other suggestions will be considered.


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