15 February, 2011

nyfw so far

i've been super sick for the past few days (like a lot of people in nyc), so i haven't been up to the task of formulating like, actual thoughts to craft into blog posts.

what i have been up to is looking at all of the coverage of new york fashion week on style.com's iphone app from bed each morning.

and so, here are a few of my favorite looks, so far:


  1. I'm one of those super sick nyc people. Is that blue/black slip dress Rachel Comey? I wish i could wear something like that for my wedding.

    feel better soon!

  2. you know what? the look before it IS rachel comey, but i didn't put designers names on the images, because of the black/blue one. i screen captured it, and now i can't remember whose it is :(
    so pretty tho...
    what is going on with this terrible sickness. it's the worst.... i am finally starting to feel better. i hope you do soon, too!