16 January, 2011


so, these are my two closets:

this one, above, is actually in my bedroom & holds most of my in-season apparel.

this one is in the hallway outside my room, and holds belts (on the door), bags, shoes and a few long dresses and jackets/blazers.

we also have a coat closet, so the real outerwear goes there.

i have a cubby above the bedroom closet that hold all of the out-of-season clothes & shoes, folded in boxes & bags.

so. what i want to know is....

does this seem like a lot? a little?

i live in nyc & work in fashion. i feel like i've lost all perspective!

sometimes i feel like i would kill for a nice suburban mcmansion with a big walk-in closet.

and then i realize it would be full of banana republic & j crew clothing. and then i'm happy again with my little subdivided boxes crammed with special crazy things....

until i buy another (perfect! flattering! i got such a good deal on it!) black dress....

where the hell am i supposed to put it?

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  1. I guess I always pictured you having an entire room for all of your clothes/shoes/fashion-y things! So it wouldn't have surprised me to see like five closets.

  2. I think in NYC, aka Land of No Closets or Small Ones Only, it's totally normal to have more than one closet of your clothing. I have a somewhat large 2 bedroom here and we use one built-in closet and have two free-standing racks in the bedroom where there's no built-in closet at all. Our flat is so strange like that!

    I do love your shoe shelves btw... Very nice.

  3. i want more free standing racks, but the husband will NOT enjoy seeing more of my wardrobe than he already has to (mostly strewn around the house).

    but good. thank you for making me feel like this is normal :)

  4. Is it a lot? Well, it depends... For instance, are any of the closets (like the coat closet) shared, and if so, are you respectful and fair in the day-to-day partitioning?