11 December, 2010

holy hong kong!

greetings from china!

today i had the most amazing experience.

although i'm staying in mainland china this week, i had a day off from work, and decided to go into hong kong for a half day. it's a long trip to make back and forth for only a few hours, but i figured it was better than sitting around the hotel all day.

i was so right.

i met a canadian guy today who had lived in hong kong for nine years. he and his brother bought a traditional chinese junk two years ago, and have been renovating it. they're about 3/4 finished, and, this afternoon i got a chance to see it.

it's being worked on in a dry dock in the middle of the harbor in south hong kong. it's surrounded on three sides by highrise apartments and rolling hills, and on the forth side by the harbor, which looks out on the surrounding islands.

obviously, the boat is gorgeous. and standing on the deck, and overlooking the city and the harbor was a totally amazing and unique experience.

the bad news is.... i forgot to bring my camera.

the good news is, my cousin was with me, and took photos on his blackberry. as soon as he sends them to me, i'll post a couple.

i wish i could have recorded it, but i hope to show you a glimpse soon of how fantastic it was!

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