14 November, 2010

going visiting

yesterday, the weather in brooklyn was absolutely gorgeous. it seems like it might be the last weekend that we'll have weather this warm for months and months and months...

i took advantage of this gloriousness to take a walk down to red hook, and visit a friend. she'd asked me to help with a project, and we had a nice, fun time drinking tea and playing dress up in her collection of vintage clothing...

i hadn't been to her apartment in ages, and i was so excited to see some of the fun things. kat is an accessories designer and comics artist, and lives with her boyfriend (also a comics artist) and her 8 year old daughter.

there's a lot of creativity and playful-ness going on in there, so i asked kat if it would be ok to take some photos to share:

i really loved this particular stack of reading material- ranging from the best dirty joke book to the alchemist.

here's kat in one of the necklaces that she's made, as well as her  bookshelf that looks so excellent.

another fun bookshelf- this one mostly storing kat's daughter's stuff.
how cute is the hello kitty water cooler?

i convinced kat not to sell this really pretty silk scarf. (i think!)

necklaces, headbanks and girliness.

a good hairdo.

the sunlight in the room was so pretty....

an amazing find.

kat's drawing table.

i'm not sure that these photos convey how cool kat is, and how much fun i had yesterday...

kat's launching a website soon, but in the meantime, you can find some of her comics work here, and her awesome jewelry here, on etsy.

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  1. uh, why the hell does my hair only look like that when it's an
    *thanks, jessica! i had so much fun, too!