31 October, 2010

a very happy halloween

will you please look at the amazing and beautiful cemetery that i was lucky enough to visit yesterday, the day before halloween?

i have spent the last 3 days in sandwich, massachusetts on cape cod. it's a gorgeous little town with beautifully color-changing leaves.

i was with gorgeous and beautiful people with whom i have just spent the weekend, on a retreat. we all are committed to changing the way in which we think about the work we do, and are focused on making it more fulfilling to ourselves and the people that work with us.

it was great. just great.

i sat on the beach, walked around town, visited a nice, old cemetery (for which i have an affinity, generally...) ate delicious food, and sat in a circle by a fire working quite hard on thinking about how i would like to address the subject of the rest of my career.

no small feat.

thank god i get to go back in january and think about it some more!

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  1. I am very happy for you, and proud of you!