13 October, 2010

problem solved!

you know how all the cute girls are wearing scrunchy, pushed down socks with all their fall shoes?

i have really loved this look since i was a kid, back in the 80's, the first time around. believe me, my sartorial skill have improved a lot sine then. there were no successful scrunchy socks for me in middle school.

so, i was determined to prevail, this time.

but last winter, i just couldn't make it work. what with all the black and grey i was wearing, i just couldn't find a way to make another layer of dark cotton or wool look attractive above leather footwear (be it booties or shoes). i am actually fairly happy with the way my legs look most of the time, but each time i would try the scrunch, my legs were reduced to short stumps.

not so cute.

well, ladies... just in case you have better things to think about.... let me tell you that i have solved the problem that you didn't even know you had.

the answer?

nude socks!

successful scrunch accomplished, with no leg-shortening properties.

phew! just in time for falling leaves and fall weather!

leopard pumps not required.


  1. yes! this is a good idea! i bought socks today to do just this but deep down i knew they'd make my legs look stumpy.

    by the way i went to snack yesterday and had the egg lemon soup which was deeevine. i didn't like it the first time i tried it but now it's my FAVORITE.

  2. GENIUS.... I usually wear dark socks too and have had the same problem with the stumpy lookin' legs. Now I gotta find some nude socks and try this out.

  3. and i did it again this week with ginormous wedges. another benefit? socks are more comfy than no socks!