02 October, 2010

arrondissement 90210?

if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know about my obsession with east coast / west coast or la / nyc style.

over the last few years, i've been lucky enough to be spending at least a week or so away from my nyc home, in los angeles. it's because of these frequent trips that i feel comfortable making some of the comparisons that i do. i feel like each city has it's own style identity, and in a funny way, i feel very attracted to both sides of that american coin.

i spent the first two weeks of september in europe, and thought a lot about the above. it had been a while since i'd spent any real time in europe, and i'd forgotten how absolutely at home i feel in many cities there. it's almost as if the dichotomy of the american east coast / west coast question is fully realized there. in cities like paris, copenhagen and berlin, many of the residents have successfully managed to convey irreverent and casual overtones with accessories and apparel that are fairly sophisticated, traditional and of reasonably high quality. i don't mean to say that there's any reference at all to american style in the above. in fact, i think it's quite the opposite. it seems that the farther west you go, the further removed americans have become from the ideals of europe. this is not a new concept. no new information here...

but... europeans must (occasionally) feel the way i do, no? they must yearn for the young, cheeky, insolent style of california.... that which speaks to an almost planned obsolescence. everything in europe is old. everything in los angeles is young, new & improved!

it turns out that it's true. and that the marriage of these two cultures has a much better personification than over privileged teenagers running around milan and nice in juicy couture track suits...

which brings me to isabel marant's spring 2011 collection. apparently inspired by her first trip to california, the quintessentially parisian-cool designer has attempted what i may have previously thought was an unnecessary or impossible blend. below are some of the images from the show that i thought were the most successful mix.

once again, fashion widens my world ;)

with the exception of the very last image, i think it's highly possible to each of these looks being worn "irl" by the coolest girls you know in paris or los angeles. 

the last one is the exception- i just can't imagine a french girl wearing a hoodie!

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