19 August, 2010

blog of blogs

today, i finally got to catch up on reading some of the blogs that i like to look at regularly.

that's because i'm back in the...






(land of google and its images! hooray for the red, white & blue!)

and here's some reaction:

(stolen from hanneli)

this girl is:

a) wearing 80's-esque contoured blush
b) sucking in her cheeks like mad / there's no tomorrow
c) all of the above

c, right?

right?? she looks weird, right?


ok, and also....

tavi is turning into kurt cobain:

(stolen from thestylerookie)

she's listening to bratmobile, and looking like the above....

which makes me feel old old old (a la eloise's nanny).


and i'm out.

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