26 June, 2010



it is an absolutely gorgeous summer day in nyc, and i am procrastinating. i have to take about 85 photos between today and tomorrow for a freelance "street style" project that i'm working on. i've left it until absolutely the last possible moment....

and, so, the fact that i was out a bit too late last night and am suffering the consequences is... irrelevant.

soho, please be well dressed today so that my task will be easy. i'm relying on there being some very stylish iphone 4 line-waiters. they'll be trapped, and will have no choice but to allow me to shoot them.

ok, so.... back to the procrastination at hand.

did you know that sanrio and doc marten are doing a collaboration?? well, they are.

check it:

this is a marriage of two of my lifetime most favorite brands. stupendous!

as an avid wearer of docs through the 90's, i've been tempted many time to buy another pair, now that i'm all growed up. when i was a teenager, i wore the black ones, the ox blood ones. i think i even had a pair of hunter green or navy ones? but i always admired the girls who could pull off the multi colored floral printed 8-holes.

my wardrobe was far too black-centric back in those days to imagine pulling off floral footwear... and the $100+ price tag seemed so extravagant, that experimentation wasn't fiscally responsible. so i stuck with the "classics".

the dr marten's brand has been flirting with a "come back" over the past few years, and i've been tempted a few times to reinvest. this time around, though, i have not been considering colors like ox blood or black. no, i've been seriously considering white! or pink patent! or... as a nod to my adolescent self... what about a floral?

friends have wisely talked me out of these.

but, friends... the time has come. i have been rewarded for my patience.

sanrio printed 8-holes, complete with little twin stars (my favorite sanrio character):

i am aware that they are not age-appropriate for a 35 year old person. i don't care. these boots satisfy every one of my floral printed doc wanting impulses, without treading on my no-floral wearing tendencies!

perfection. 15 years too late? c'est la vie.

i am also sorely tempted by the white ones...

but, unfortunately, these do not adhere to my strict "no bow" policy.

and.... they're white. and they're coming out in september. so, that doesn't really seem very practical.

but you never know. crazy as it may sound to some of you... the $135-165 price is no longer as off putting as maybe it should be. two pair would be within my range of affordability...

for now, i'm setting an alert in my iphone (3g) calendar, and will be heading to sanrio.com come september first, to ensure that i don't miss out.

ok. now i'm getting into the shower, and forcing myself to get out there and shoot people in soho.

heh. i really can't get enough of that bad joke.


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