26 May, 2010

you can't make this shit up.

today, i got an email, which mentioned a company called "shoetures".

my curiosity was piqued. what could such a hilarious name portend??

pretty much exactly what you'd expect- sutures for one's shoes.

no shit. i've never heard of this product. i've never thought of this product, imagined this product, or imagined someone thinking of this product.

this is, like, totally new. it's like a grill... for your sneaks! excellent! these girls would totally wear them. but they probably don't even know about them.

sweet! so... 

i ordered a pair.

c'mon, what other choices are there?

brushed, matte steel:

i don't even know if i have a pair of sneakers to put these on. do you think they'll work on my old, beat up black wingtips?

omg. i can't wait till they arrive.

1 comment:

  1. i love love love these. and your blog.
    post pics when you try them on the wingtips. i'd like to see. i guess they'd be sort of ordinary if you put them on jump boots.

    also, what is this class at third ward?? seems like we need to catch up properly at some point. i'm hoping to get to the east coast in june. will let you know! hope all is well :)