12 April, 2010

la la love you, don't mean maybe.

i love reading blogs, which is why i decided to start writing one myself.

i think the ones that i like the best are the (real) street style blogs. i'm sorry, i still adore the sartorialist and garance dore, but those are no longer street style blogs. they're fashion industry masturbation. (in the best possible way! seriously!)

do you guys know any great blogs about l.a? there is so little street culture in los angeles that it must be very difficult to take good street style photos.

i have been having a long distance love affair with the city itself, and am intrigued by it's burgeoning fashion scene/ industry.

hi styley does a pretty damned good job, considering what they have to work with. l.a. style tends to be extremely trend-driven, and not all that creative. i think this girl is head and shoulders above anyone i've ever seen in l.a. (either in person, or on hi styley.)

but here's what i actually came here to say....

"hi styley" is kind of a stupid name, no? and the person who writes it seems to go by the name "tittyboo".

perhaps this is another reason that no one takes fashion in l.a. seriously??

1 comment:

  1. agreed. both names (the blog and its author's) are laughable.

    i don't read la style blogs so i'll be scanning your pages to see your suggestions.