08 April, 2010

flowers, girl.

the weather here in nyc is unbelievable this week, and to make matters all the better, i've essentially had the entire week with no work!

it's so springy that i've been spending as much time outdoors as possible.

i had an eye dr appointment, and his office just happens to be on the same street as the flower market:


it's so fun to walk down the street, and see all the folks whose job it is to bustle around all these gorgeous flowers, and buy and sell. i think most of them don't even really think about how pretty they are any more, they just buy and sell... it's just a job...

today i was waiting for a phone call, and it was making me really anxious not to have anything to do. so i walked across the street, and picked up one mixed bouquet, and one bunch of eucalyptus, and did this:

four little bouquets for all four rooms of the apartment. 

it smells awesome in here.

my phone call never did come, but.... who cares!


late edit- the phone call did come! with good news. i'll write about it here tomorrow...

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