30 March, 2010

... you might think i'm crazy, but i'm serious...

ooooh, the principle of pleasure

(photos from childhood flames)

yesterday, childhood flames did a post on this line- pleasure principle.

i'm going to assume that it's a line that most of you hadn't heard of. i hadn't.

i love these photos. i have such mixed feelings about such well styled photos of clothes.

the dress in the 2nd photo looks amazing, but it's quite hard to see the clothes in the other images, no? the photos evoke such fantastic emotional content, that they stand alone so well.... but do you get a sense of what these garments actually look like?

in the end, i think it's a difficult line to tread for a not-so-commercial line. you need to use every opportunity to establish the idea of the brand, without actually concealing the product itself. you need to really show what the line is about... but don't you also really need to see the LINE?

i want so much for these brands to become well known, and become what this industry is about and known for. without pushing things too far, i do wish for a way for these lines to be somewhat more commercialized...

isn't this what you want to imagine when you think about fashion? i don't want to think of lindsay lohan's leggings. i want to think about smoke, drama & mystery.


i actually hadn't meant to get into all of the above discourse. i really just loved these photos, and they did, indeed, get me really excited about pleasure principle.

and how in the heck did they get that smokey effect?? is that "real"? is it a photoshop effect? does anyone know?


  1. I think it's dry ice.

  2. i am so happy you are back to blogging!

    (diamond_sky from xanga days)

    also, dry ice sounds like a reasonable guess.

  3. oh dry ice... yes.
    but how is it so perfectly placed? just lots of shots?

  4. most favorite post title ever.