31 March, 2010

it don't matter if you're black or white

sneak peak:

i am considering buying this bike, and that's the reason that i can share this advance photo of the bowery lane bikes' new model. 

(one of the awesome-seeming owners of the company sent it to me. i haven't met these two dudes yet, but they seem so awesome. i can't wait to meet them and their bikes.)

it's the breukelen model, but with three speeds and hand brakes. the perfect city bike?

i haven't seen it in person yet, but..... i think it might be the bike of my dreams.

i thought i wanted white but.... it kinda reminds me too much of a ghost bike.

so, does it matter if it's black or white?

(sorry about the random quotes from jackson family pop songs in the blog this week.... it's just too hard to resist)


  1. that's a handsome bike, jess. mind if i copy you?

  2. certainly not! i'll let you know how she is in person, once i get to go for a test ride....